I’m Ryan from Delhi and this story which I’m posting here is about me and aunt Monika. I still clearly remember all those moments like they are still fresh in my mind like it just happened yesterday. I was in my 12th grade when I had an encounter with my sexy hot aunt. She is 28 now but still loooks like a sexy college gal.

Her vital stats were 36-30-38 and man her ass was like heaven to watch. We have a joint family; mine and my aunt’s bedroom are on the 1st floor. It was Feb. I used to study late nights and one night I heard wierd sounds coming from my aunt’s room. My uncle was fucking. She was screaming ahhh uhhh and saying thoda teez chodo” but my uncle was not so good at it which one came to know later.

They used to fuck every 3 days and I used to listen too them and even peek through the key hole. One day my uncle announced that he is going to start his new business and is going to Mumbai in the first week of March. I was really sad to here this as now I won’t be able to here and see what I used too but who knew that this would turn out to be the best thing ever. And please forgive me for any gliches in the story as this is the first time i’m posting my story.

I am a good looking guy according to my female friends, I’m 6ft tall with a decent built and regarding my shaft it’s 7 inches long and fat finally the day came my uncle left for Mumbai and my aunt with her daughter were here only. I was having my board exams going on so I used to be in my room all day and used to study.

My aunt used to take care about my food and requirements she used to come to my room every now and then. One day she came to my room wearin a new saree whose blouse was really low cut I had never seen her in that saree so I just asked her regarding the saree and she told me that she had got it now only suddenly the bottle fell down and the water was spilled all over the floor

I said sorry and went to get the mob but she told me that she will do it and told me to study she got the mob and started cleaning the floor and at that time my eye caught the sight of her marvalous boob and I was in seventh heaven that instant. I didn’t realize that my aunt was watching me watching her and she asked me what was I looking at and by mistake I just told that I love your blouse and the patter, she smiled at me and went away.

That day I masturbated about 3 times thinking about that scene. My exams got over and it was summer season so I used to sleep in the varanda everyday the heat was incrsin evrydy aunt told me that she will also sleep in the varanda and told me to put her bed too. I laid the bed just next to me and I went in my room to do some work then my aunt called me to her room as my favourite movie was coming and we sat there to watch the movie.

Half way through the movie my aunt told me that she is going out to sleep and told me to go to sleep soon later I went out to breath some fresh air and I saw that my aunt’s pallo had slid down and her mounts were trying to come out and she was fast alseep. Suddenly I got the urge and I went into her room and closed everything and came out and slept jus next to her and was viewing her tities.

I checked weather she is sleeping or not and placed my hand on her left boob oh my god! it was so soft and I just cummed inside without even shagging I started playing wid it but was really concious about not waking her up and so I was really gentle. I played for about 15mins and my thirst increased so I thought of touching her bare boob and so I tried opening her blouse buttons but I was only ableto open 3

I started going in very slowly and at that time my heart was beating very fast. It nearly took me about half an hour to reach her nipples and I started playing with them but suddenly my aunt shifted and I removed my had and then slept. Next day when I woke up I was feeling scaed weather my aunt knew about what I did and all so I didn’t have a talk with her the whole day and later at night I kept my bed a little apart from her’s.

I was sitting in my room and reading a novel when my aunt came and told me that she is going to sleep and she wentafter about half an hour I went out and saw that my bed was kept attached to her’s and again her pallo had slid down I went and slept next to her and was just gazing at her mounts and I thought of trying again so I checked and she was fast asleep and I started touching her and I noticed something unusual she was not wearing her bra today.

I could not control my self and slid my hand into her blouse and started playing with her tits and I felt her nipple hard today then yesterday. I was really feeling high and forgot everything and started playing with her tits vigourisly and she started mouning softly ahhh uhhh ummmm. I didn’t know what was going on I was totally blinded by lust so was being a little harsh on her breasts and she screamed a little and

I saw her she was looking at me and I just got scared and stood up said sorry and went into my room and slept on the bed afterward she came into my room and told me that what ever I did was bad and should not repeat and I said k and said sorry again. It had been 2 months now after my uncle had left and I and my aunt had become really close friends and we had erased that night but I still wanted her so

I had to do something about it so I made a plan and had brought a DVD from outside but I had made it on my own it had a new movi and I had put in a little bit of B grade hindi movies so I asked aunt weather she wants to watch the movie she said yes and I opened the menu and the menu had a female posing newd and seeing this my aunt asked what have I brought I said its not my mistake he told me that the new movie is there inside so I brought it.

She said kl and said it might be possible that the menu pic was bad and all so I started the movie and it was XX movie in which there were many bed scenes in the movie the male was kissing the female very passionately and then the bed scene started so I just turned off the tv and she took the remote and started the movie and told me that it’s ok you are big now so we watched the

Whole movie and when the movie got over she asked me weather I have seen a movie like this before? I said yes and then she asked me weather I hav seen some1 nude and touched someone to which I said that I have not seen some1 newd but I have touched some1 so she said that she knows her and I said yes and I tried changing the topic but she said asked why I did so, I just said

I like you and you were so close to me so I couldn’t stop myself she gave me wicked smile and said that u havent seen a newd gal before and she asked me do you want to see? I said yesd and she told me that I should not tell this to any1 and I said yes she said that she is really missing uncle and also said no matter what ever he tried but was never able to satisfy me and I said that I can help and she asked really

Can you and she just jumped from the bed and I could see the shine of lust in her eyes clearly and thought to myself this is the right time it’s now or never and just caught her boob and told her if I dont then I’ll be her slave for ever and to that she said fuck as hard as you can hear this. I just started kissing her and she went mad and she jus took hold of my tool and started jerking it on my pants both of us were getting hot and we kissed for about 20 min

And finally she broke the kiss and started stripping me and I did the same in no time we both were completely naked and I started looking at her from up to down and was admiring her beauty she just asked whats the matter and I said that she is an angle for heaven and she is gorgeous hearing this she just took me in her arms and hugged me tightly and I could feel her nipples on my chest and then she said she wanted me to fuck her and I said to wait as

I wanted to do some foreplay so we got into 69 and man she was really hot down there. I started licking like a mad dog and she was also licking my tool after about 10 min I told her that I was about to cum but she kept on licking and I cummed in her mouth and she gulped in everything and then I went mad and I licked and licked it was really sweet and I was getting mad and finally she cummed on my face and I licked her pussy dry.

We started kissing again and in about 5mins my tool got up and she asked ready for the fun ride and I said yes and she grabbed my tool and put it near her cunt and told me to push I just pushed very hard and my whole tool was in she screamed very loudly and told me to go slow at first and I started humping and in between I used to slow down and tease her and would kiss her and squeeze her booobs and she would scream in extacy I stared increasing my speed and

I was humping her very fast and she was really enjoying finally I cummed inside her in 15mins and lied on her I was really tired and lied on her and after that. We did again 4 times that night. Our sexual acts lasted a year and after that she shifted to Mumbai. I had also given names to her tits “tinny and winny” lol! Gosh I really miss her now and now we just meet in vacation and if we get a chance we hump really hard.

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This happened at my age 19, I belong to some college, so we were advanced in getting new new horny stuffs, I was eager to fuck a girl in my age, this is what happened. I had my vacation leave that year, only of my relative called my mom and said they are shifting their house from a rented house to their own house which is little far from the place where they lived so they asked my help, my mom and I booked a train ticket and went there.

The next morning it is Bangalore, fresh air, all new fresh boobs, while I was waiting for the taxi, my mother wanted to use the rest room so she made me wait and went, While I was waiting a lady came in front of me, she was wearing a pink silk visible saree, I am very sure she would be in her early 33’s she stood before me, as I was small in height when I turn left I can see her white hip and boobs covered with her blouse.

I can even see her black bra inside, my small cock started raising up, suddenly her mobile fell down just before my legs, I just pretended that I did not see that, she bent down to take that mobile, her silk saree fell down, Her white boobs were just before my eyes I can see those deep cut inside too, my cock was fully erected at once I wanted to fuck someone, but since no one was here so I left the place.

We went in taxi to my aunt’s place, I know that my aunt has two daughters and one son, the son and one of the daughter is elder to me and one of the daughter is younger to me, I ve never seen them for years, so I was eagerly waiting to see them since it was early morning just my aunt and uncle was awake, I felt very tired so I went to a bed room inside to sleep, my aunt said my younger sister is sleeping inside

And she wanted to sleep with her to rest myself, I went inside to see her but she was covering her face with the bed spread, so I went near her and slept, the white boobs which I saw in the station kept on and on in my mind I could not control I wanted to masturbate since it’s a new place I did not take risk, I slept, after a couple of hours I woke up, I felt a leg in my hip, I just opened my eye to just check out whose leg is that, that was my younger cousin sister’s leg,

I wanted to see her so slowly pulled her bread spread, she is brown (not dark not fair) good looking. I then left the blanket and went out for a coffee, after some mins she came out, wow awesome, she is brown, she is 18, she was wearing a short top with no bottom, she has a great boobs, I can see those thighs, she did not notice me sitting there, suddenly she saw me and ran inside to cover herself,

Then my aunt gave a intro saying to us, her name was sofia since we belong to the same age group we started playing by late afternoon we went to a small hide out which she had nearby her house, we were sitting there and talking abt our school, she then said a guy pressed a boobs one day and she felt the eroctic, as it was public she did not express her feelings, Since then she wanted those feeling back, sayin this she left.

Then night came we wanted to sleep in our respective rooms, since I was new to the place I don’t have a room to sleep, my mom said let me sleep with sofia, so I went in to sleep with her, she was wearing a short top same like morning, I was wearing a night pants and a t shirt, seeing her in that dress I got erotic and her voice she killed me with that, then I went to the bed to sleep,

I could not sleep because the light was on and the morning boobs came on into my mind, so thinking that white boobs I was seeing those brown boobs here, she noticed me seeing her boobs, I then tuned my face, then in few mins she came to sleep switchin off the lights just the night lamp was on, since there was only one bed spread in that room we had to share that,

I was lying a little away from her, I was lying such that I can see the roof, it was cold so I kept on pulling the bedspread more and more and even she felt the cold and she pulled the bed spread towards her, I asked her whether there is any other bed spread she replied ”no”, she then asked me to slide nearer to her so that bedspread can be shared,

I went near her, she was lying facing me and I was lying facing the roof, I just saw inside the bedspread her thighs was visible in that low light, at once my cock got erected, since I was not wearing any under wear it rose like an hill in my pants, I kept on looking the thighs and was very eager to see more of her body when she sleeping, she asked me in low voice

What is that sticking in your pants?” I replied “its just my male part that is erected while sleep” she asked me “will it be erected always I ve never seen that in any pants” I said “only at night it will be like this” she then stopped asking me questions and slided her thigh on my hip, Her left thigh was on me and the right thigh on the bed, she kept on moving her thigh top and bottom,

Her thigh kept on touching my cock and made it more horny and more erected, this is the first time a girl’s thigh is touching my cock, she slowly asked me whether I can place my hands on her boobs since she has horny she said that, I got the green signal from her, I wanted to proceed further, I slipped my hands though her neck to reach the boobs, she was not wearing a bra,

I slowly went deeper I flet the soft spongy boobs, since it was tight I could just reach the top of the boobs, she slowly took my had out, I was disappointed, then she guided me through the bottom, wow I am surprised to her move, then I slided my hands in to reach those big boobs, then I reached, big, spongy, soft boobs,

I touched her nipples, it was hard and erected, I kept on playing with those big boobs still I could not see those big boobs because I was playin inside the dress, I slowly asked her ”can I see those big things” she slowly said “we girls call this as melon” so I asked again “can I see those melons which Is makin my mouth watery” she laughed and said “ok, but u have to remove the clothes”

I said “my pleasure” and slowly took my hand off the boobs and slowly started removing it, at last I removed it, wow man I am so lucky to see a boobs without clothes in just front of my eyes, my heart started beating fast, she suddenly hugged me and gave me a nice deep kiss my my lips, I felt her hot air going in my mouth,

We were kissing for around 30 mins by those thirty mins her hands moved all over my body. Then she stopped and asked me can I see that male part of yours? I was very happy and said yes” she she sliped down and removed my night pants and she saw my cock, it was small though big at that age, she saw me from down, her eyes very very erotic,

She made my cock shake in secs, she touched it took it in her hands and kissed my cock, wow I am in heaven a girl is kissing my cock, then she slipped her mouth in my cock taking the whole of my cock in, My cock fitted her mouth correctly she started playin with it, rolling her tongue, biting it, sucking the balls, I was about to come and she stopped,

Then she came up to me her boobs were facing my mouth, I wanted to suck I slowly caught hold of her and started sucking her boobs, her nipples, she was moaning “ahhhhhh” I kept on playin with her boobs, she removed all of my dress, she was just wearing a small panty, I wanted to explore that too,

I made her lay down in her back and I went down to explore it I touched her panties, it was already wet, I slowly slipped my hand in touched her public hairs, the hairs were not fully grown it seemed like it was just growing up, so I placed my hand in her pussy, it was damm hot, then I slowly removed her panties it was flat and then she spreaded her legs so that I can fit my fingers in it I slipped my fingers in,

It was tight I tired more and went it suddenly a loud moan “ahhhhh” then I kept my left wrist in her mouth so that she can bite rather moaning loud, she kept on biting me hard as she can, but I kept on fingering her, then I wanted to taste her pussy, I went in to smell it first, the smell turned me on, I started licking, she pushed me in keeping on legs crossed in my shoulders, she kept on pushing me in,

She was so erotic and started biting me hard as she can, I had pain, but I did not mind that since I was busy enjoyin the pussy, I was licking her pussy for an hour. Slowly I went up, saw her eyes she just winked her eye lashes giving me permission to slide my cock in her pussy, slowly Inserted my cock in, it was tight very tight, I wanted to push me so I pushed still it did not go in,

She crossed her legs in my back and she helped me to push in at last it went it, She started to moan more loud so at once I closed her mouth with my wrist, even I started to moan aaahhhh then she sticked her wrist in my mouth, slowly pushed more forward and backward, the to and fro motion, then climax came I cummed inside her pussy, since it was very first time I cummed soon in her pussy I thought I lost my virginity with my sister. She spill cum in the bed.

Then we took our clothes and started wearing it and then she slipped her hand under the bed and took a bed spread and gave it to me, I was shocked to see that so tit was a planned I wanted to know whether she experienced sex for the first time, I slowly asked her “did it pain?“ she replied “yes, now but here after when u fuck me it wont” I was very surprised to hear that she wants me to fuck her whenever we find time and place. Then we sleep.

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Bas mai bhi khud ko rok na saka. Wo uthi aur mujhse kas kar lipat gayi n boli mujhe aise hi rehne do. I feel the warmth of love' maine bhi khud ko loose chor dia aur uske peeth ko sehlane laga. Kuch der baad she started kissing me all over ab mai bhi garm ho gaya tha i planted a hot kiss on her lips. Wo mujhe paagalon ki tarah kis kar rahi thi maano kab se pyaasi thi. Usne mujhe bed par dhakka dekar leta dia aur mera t-shirt utar dia aur pure body ko kiss karne lagi.

Wo mera nipple choos rahi thi aur haathon se mere lund ko sehla rahi thi. Maine uska shirt khola aur usk boobs ko dabane laga. Wo mere lund se khel rahi thi aur mai uske boobs se pura room siskiyon se garm ho chuka tha. Then she started to suck my dick maine aaj tak kabhi kisi ladki k muh me apna lund nahi daal tha. Ajeeb si sansani pure body me ho rahi thi. Mujhse raha nahi gaya aur jor se cheekha.

To usne lund muh se nikal dia aur tirchi aankhon se mujhe dekh rahi thi. Usne apne hoothon ko kaata aur mujhe ek flying kiss di aur ek jhatke me mera pant utar dia usne khud ko bhi puri tarah nanga kar mujhpar let gayi aur mujhe kiss karne lagi. Main apne haathon se usk bur me ungli karne laga aur wo siskariyan bharne lagi. Maine use palat dia aur usk boobs ko suck karne laga. Wo bekaabu ho chuki thi usne kas kar mujhe apne baahon me pakad liya. Tab mai dheere se neeche sarka aur uske bur ka ras peene laga.

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Hi mera naam siddharth hai aur main katrina ka bahut bada fan hu ye story mere aur katrina ki chudai k bare main hai. thodi lambi hai par mazedar hai kch dino pehle mein ek gaali se guzar rha tha k mujhe wahan pe chiraag mila jaisi mene us chiraag ko saaf kia us mein se ek jin nikla jis ne mjh se meri wish poochi mene us k bagair ruke keh dia k mujhe apni zindagi k saaare din katrina k bahun mein guzaar ne hain jin ne ek chutki bajai or meri ankhon k samne andhera cha gaya

Jab ankh khuli to mere samne ek darwaza tha jaisi mene darwaza khola to mjhe samne katrina nazar ai us samay mein kaisa mehsoos kar rha tha yeh bata nai sakta woh ek sexy yellow saari pehni hui thi jis mein se us k maammay saf saf dikh rahe the woh mere kareeb ai or usne mjhe kas k hug kiya uski jism ki khushboo soong soong k mein dewana hua ja rha tha mene bhi usko kas k daba liya

Thori der tak ham aisi khare rahe phir woh peeche hui or kaha aj se tm mere ghar mein he rehna or yeh keh kar woh kitchen ki taraf chali gayi mein b us k peeche chalta gaya aise matak matak k chal rahi thi na yaroon k mein kia bataon meri to wahin kahara hogaya woh kitchen mein ja kar kahana banane lagi or mein uski matakti gaand ko dekhta rha thori der baad woh peeche muri or poocha k kch chaiye kia mene kaha nai to phir usne kaha k yahan q khare ho ja kar tv room mein

Aram se beth jao or tv deklo mein khana banakar ati hun. Mein ja kar tv room mein beth gaya or sochne laga k uski chudaai ki shruwaat kis tarah karun thori der mein woh ai or mjhe khana dia or kaha k mein sone ja rahi hun agar kch chaiye to batado mene kaha nai to usne kaha acha khana kha kar mere he bistar pe let jana us k in shabdon se to mere mun mein paani agaya or mein jaldi jaldi khana kha kar bedroom mein pohancha

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Thori der rukne k baad mene himmat ki or apna ek haat uki qamar pe rakh dia phir ahista ahista apna haath kabi uski gaand k kareeb le jata rha or aisi he hlata rha mera lund pathar k tarah sakht hogaya tha mene thori der baad halki si katrina ko awaz di usne koi jawab nai di to mein thora sirak k us k kareeb agaya phir thora or siraka yahan tak k mera khara lund uski gaand mein phansi trouser se takrane laga itna karna tha k katrina ne thori harkat ki or thori meri taraf apni

Gaand ko dakhela uski is harkat se woh mere bahut nazdeek agai yahan tak k uski qamar se mera seena takrane laga or mere mun uski gardan se chipak gaya mein yeh dekh k sakat let gaya thori der bad usne apni gaand ko phir peeche kia mein uski jism ki khusboo or uski gaand ki garmi se itna mast hogaya k kia bataon yaron. Ab mjh mein bhi thori himmat agai thi meine bhi ahista ahista hilna shroo kardia or apna land us k gaand mein phanse trouser pe ragarne laga jab mene

Dekha k woh kch nai keh rahi to mene apna ek haath uthaya or uski qamar par pherne lga phir ahista ahista kar k mein woh hath us k mammon ki taraf le gaya or unko bra k uper se he dabane laga phir kch der baad mene woh hath us k bra k under daal diye or us k mast mast mammon ko ahista ahista kar k dabane laga abi aisa karte hue kch der he hui thi k usne ek dum meri tarf karwat leli or bilkul mjh se chipak gai uski choot or mera lund bilkul chipak gaye mene apna

Haath uski gaand pe rakh dia or us k gaand ko trouser k uper se he sehlane laga or apne mun ko thora neeche kar k us k mammon k darmiyan phansa lia uski badan ki khusboo soong soong kar mjhe itna maza araha tha k kia bataon yeh karte hue mjhe thori he der hui thi k usne mjhe apni taraf kas lia mein to mazay k mare pagal hogaya kch der aisi rehne k baad mene apna lund bahar nikala or uski choot pe ragarne laga woh bhi agay peeche honay lagi thori he der mein mera

Paani chut gaya or mein usi postion mein sogaya. Jab subha ankh khuli to dekha katrina bistar pe nai thi mere chehre par raat ki baaton ko soch soch kar muskurahat se agai thi thori der aisi lete rehne k baad mein utha or change kar k bedroom se bahar nikla to dekha katrina hall mein white upper or pink trouser pehne excercise kar rahi thi us ke is outfit ko dekh kar to mere mun mein paani agaya q uska upper uskay mummon se itna chipka hua tha k us k nipples tak dik rahe the

Dil to kar rha tha k un mummon ka saara doodh pe jaon. us ne jo pink trouser pehene tha woh itna skin tight tha k uski poori choot k shape nazar araha tha or uper se us k chootroon mein phansi hui woh pink trouser k manzar ko mein kis tarah likhun samaj nai araha jab woh excercise karte hue apni taangien hilati to uski gaand itne khubsoorat tareeke se matakti k koi b dek k deewana hojaye

Mein yeh sab manzar door se dek rha tha man to kar rha tha yaaron k uski gaand mein apna mun phansa lun or or zindagi bhar uski chootron ko choosta rahun mein yehi sab soch rha tha k mera lund phir tan gaya or trouser mein saaf dikhne laga woh excercise karte karte muri usne mere lund ko dekha phir mujhe dekha or ek sheetani si muskarahat pass ki or kaha k abi tm betho mein thori der mein he tmhara nashta lekar ati hun or yeh keh kar woh bathroom gai or change kar k

Kitchen mein chali gai us k bathroom se nikalne k 2 min baad mein bathroom gaya to dekha us k kapre wahin tange hue hain yeh dek kar mjh se raha nai gaya or mene uski wohi trouser uthali jis mein abi abi woh excercise kar rahi thi or us ko soongne laga uski gaand ki khusboo abi bhi us k trouser se arahi thi jo k uski chootron mein poori tara samaya hua tha. Thori der soongne k baad mene trouser ki us jaga ko jahan se uski gaand chipki hui thi mun mein leli or is tarah choosne

Laga jaise saadion ka pyasa hun saath he saath mein muth bhi maarta rha muth ka aisa maaza mjhe aj tak nai aya tha. Kch der bathroom mein rehne k baad mjhe katrina ki awaz ai k ajao nashta tayar hai or mein bahar agaya ham dono ne nashta kia or us k bad mein tv dekne k liye beth gaya or woh ghar ko saaf karne mein lag gai

Woh ek churidaar pajama or ek low cut kurti pehni hui thi safai karte karte jab woh tv lounge mein ai to meri nazr tv se hat kar usi pe jam gai safai karte hue uske mammay itnay hil rahe the k mera saara dihan unhi pe lag gaya saaf karte karte jab mere sofe k pass ai to mjhe uske badan ki dheemi dheemi khsuboo songhai di jis se mjh mein dobara se masti chah gai jab woh mjh se door jane k liye khari hui to mein jaan boojh k us k itna kareeb agaya k uske chootar mein chehre ko

Chu jaen ek second k liye uski gaand mjh se takrai us pal to aisa laga k jaise jannat mil gai ho or phir woh matakti matakti mjh se door chali gai. Mein us k poore jism ka deewan ho chuka tha uski jism ki khusbooo mjhe pagal kardeti thi khaas tor se woh khushboo jo us k armpits se ati thi uske hiltay hue mammay dekh kar to man karta tha k unka saara doodh pee jaon uski raseeli choot or gol matol gaand ko dek to man karta k apni zindagi iski choot ko chat te chat te he nikaal don.

Mjh me ek aisa haiwaan jaag chuka tha jo us k badan k ek ek hisse ko khana chahta tha.mere dimaag mein saara waqt uski gaand k khayalat atay rahe tv to sirf formality k liye khola hua tha kch der katrina bhi saaf safai kar k wahan pe agai or mere barabar mein akar beth gai or ham dono tv dekne lage meri nazar tv ki bajae us k mammon pe tiki hui thi thori der baad mene us se kaha k bethe bethe meri gardan mein dard hogaya hai kia mein tmhari god mein sar rakh k tv dek

Sakta hun usne kaha k theek hai raklo mene apna sir jan boojh kar uski tanngon pe aisi jaga rakha k uski choot theek mere sir k neeche agai or mein uski choot ki khushboo soongne laga aisa karne se mera lund dobara khara hogaya or trouser k upper se saaf nazar anay laga katrina ne jab mere lund ko dekhe to foran mjh se poocha k rahul mjhe ek baat batao tmhara har thori der mein khara q hojata us k is sawal se mein ek dum chonk gaya or beth gaya mein bilkul satpata

Gaya tha k kia bolon usko usne kaha sharmao mat mein tmhari dost hun mjh se kia chupana mene usko dabi awaz mein jawab dia k woh asal mein mjhe tm bahut pasand ho or jab bhi mein tmhien dekhta hun mera lund khara hojata hai to usne kaha uffffo agar yeh baat thi to mjhe pehle batana tha na or yeh keh kar woh mjh pe is tarah bethi k us k mammay meray mun se chipak gaye. Uski gaand mere khare lund k uper is tarah tiki hui thi k mere lund usk doono chootron k

Dramayan lag rha tha usne apne chootron ko agay peeche karna shro kardia jis se mjh mein ek ajeeb si masti cha gayi thori der tak woh aise he hilti rahi phir usne mjh se poocha k maaza arha hai mene kaha bahut woh barr bar apnay mammon ko mere mun pe press kar rahi thi jis se mera maza dobala hojata 15 20 min aisa karte karte mere lund ne paani chor dia usko bhi mehsoos hogaya k mein farigh ho chuka hun is liye woh mere uper se hat gai.

Thori der aise he bethe rehne k baad usne mjh se kaha rahul tmhara jab b dil kare mjh se chipak jaya karo or jahan marzi hath lagalo mein kch nai kahungi lekin meri ek shirth hai mene besabri se poocha kia usne kaha k jab tak mein na kahun tm mjhe choodoge nai or meri ijazat k bagair tm mjhe nanga nai karo gay mene bina ruke uski is baat par hami bhar li thori der baad woh wahan se uthi or mjh se kaha k mein change karne ja rahi hun mjhe bahar kisi kaam se jana hai

Tmhien ghar mein jo karna hai karo koi takaluf nai karna is ko apna he ghar samjhna yeh keh k woh chali gai mein muth mar mar k itna thak chuka tha k wahin sofe pe let k soga.Jab meri ankh khuli to raat ho chuki or katrina wapis achuki thi or woh khana pakane mein busy thi ab meri jhijhak khatam ho chuki thi mein utha or kitchen ja kar paani peene laga meri nazar phir us par pari to mene dekha k usne ek backless sari pehni hui hai black rang ki jis mein uskay chootaron

Ka ubhar saaf zahir ho rha tha mjh se rha nai gaya or mene kareeb jakar apne lund ko uske chootron pe chipka di woh ek dum chonk gai or boli aray rahul tm ho tmne to mjhe dara he dia tha yeh ker usne apni gaand ko peeche dakhela or kaha aray jan mein kahin bhaagi thori ja rahi hun tmne apni mastian baad mein karlena abhi mjhe kahana pakane do mene kaha theek hai or yeh keh kar mein bedroom mein chala gaya or uski cabinet khol k us k kapre check karne laga or

Sochne laga k aj mein us ko koi sexy dress pehan ne ko bolon ga or yehi sohcte uski ek drawer kholi us draw ko dek kar mere mun mein paani agaya q k us mein katrina ki chaddian rakhi hui thi mjhe us mein ek black panty or bra nazar aya mein unko dek kar yeh faisla kar lia k aj mein inhi ko pehen ne ki farmaish karunga jaise k usne ek pic mein pehni hui hai mein yehi nikal rha tha k katrina ki awaz agai k ajao jan khana khalo or mein neeche a gaya

Mein dining hall mein chair pe betha hua tha k katrina mere kareeb ai or mjhe khana parosne lagi mere dimaag mein ek shaitani khayal aya mene apna haath katrina ki chootron pe rakdia or sehlane laga or us se kaha katrina kia tm meri god mein beth k khana kha sakti ho usne mjhe dekha or muskraadi or kaha ek or chair bhi to hai mein us pe beth jati hun na par mene khana jan mein apni peth ki bhookh k sath sath teri chootron ki pyaas bhi bujhana chahta hun jis k liye

Mera lund kab se tarap rha hai usne ok kaha or mere uper beth gai mene us ko shararti andaaz mein kaha jan kia tm mjhe apne hathon se khila dogi mere hath zara busy rahenge usne mjhe dekha or muskrai or kaha theek hai baba or kch mene kaha filhal to nai or yeh kar apne dono hath uske mammon pe rak diye or unko sehlane lage or thori thori der mein apne lund se uski gaand pe jhatke dene laga woh bhi kabhi kabhi apni gaand ko agay karti to kabhi peeche khana

Khane ka aisa maza mjhe aj tak nai aya tha usk jism se itna chipka hone ki waja se mjhe uske badan ki meethi meethi khusboo a rahi thi jo mjhe dewaaana bana rahi thi or sath he sath mere khane ko ek dilchasp maza de rahi thi.Zahir hai usko bhi maaza araha tha q k har thori thori der mein mjhe uski siskian lene ki awaz sunai de rahi thi khana khate khate ham log sexy sexy batien bhi kar rahe the woh mjh se apni figure ka pooch rahi thi or pooche ja rahi thi k mjhe uske badan

Ki knsi knsi cheezien achi lagti hain or q in sab batoon or harkaton ne ham dono ko bahut garam karchuka tha akhir hamne khana khatam krlia usne mjh se kaha k jao tv ko mere bedroom mein le jao aj ham koi achi si sexy movie dekhenge mein ne wohi kia or jakar bedroom mein uska intezaar karne lga woh sab kaam khatam kar k mere pas ai to mene kaha jan meri ek or farmaish hai tm yeh wali black bikni pehan k aj sojao usne kaha theek hai or woh bathroom gai or change

Kar k agai or mere barabar mein akar let gai or mjh se kaha jab tm mjhe bikni mein dek rahe ho to mera bhi dil cha rha hai k tm bhi apne kapre utar do mene khushi khushi apna pajama or shirt utar k phenk di or us se chipak k let gaya or hamne movie dekni start kardi woh movie dekhe ja rahi thi lekin mera dehaan katrina pe he laga hua tha meri aj barsoon ki pyaas poori hone ja rahi thi mene apna ek hath uske mammon pe rakha or unhen dabane laga or doosra haath uski choot

Pe rakha or sehlane laga or lund ko us k chootron k darmyan aisa phansa lia ki mera lund theek us k gaand k soorakh ko cho rha tha or mun se uski gardan or kandhon ko chaatne laga yun kahiye k mere jism ka har ek hissa katrina k khoobsurat badan ko masal rha tha. Katrina bhi bahut mast hogai thi or baar barr ahhhhh ehhhhhhhh jaisi awazen nikal rahi thi uski choot poori tarah geeli ho chuki thi usne mjh se kaha janu please meri choot ki bhi zara chat lo or yeh keh

Kar woh seedhi let gai or mene apna mun uski choot pe rakdia or uski raseeli choot ko buri tarah chaatne laga jaise k mein saadion ka pyaasa hun mein apni zaban uski geeli choot k har har hisse per phere ja rha tha uski choot ki mehak mjhe apne mun ko uski choot pe or dabane pe majboor kar rahi thi woh baar baar keh rahi thi aj poora mun ghusa do meri choot mein rahul or mein dewaano ki tarah uski choot chate ja rha tha adhe ghante tak mein yehi karta us k baad mene

Kaha jan please kia tm mere lund ko chooslo gi bichara kab se taras rha hai usne kaha ok mein ulta hogaya or hm log 69 position mein let gaye woh bhi mere lund ko pagalon ki tarah choosne lagi or mein bhi uski choot ko bina ruke chat tha rha or aise he ham dono jhar gaye usne meri lund ka poora pani pee lia or mene uski choot ka p soch sakte honge k mjhe ktna maza araha tha us k baad ham dono seedhe hue or ek doosre se chipak kar sogaye.

Hi friends Mera name Suraj hai Mai Silchar Assam mai rehta hu. Ye meri pheli story hai. Ab mai story mai ata hu Ye bat 2-3 weeks phele ki hai Mere family mai Mummy Papa,Didi aur Mai rehte hai Meri age 18 hai Good looking mera land 8inch ka hai Priya Aunty papa ko Raki banti thi par bho sagi Bhean nahi thi 12 August ko aunty aur

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